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Southland RDA has held a place in the hearts of many Southlanders for more than 40 years. And there's not many people you'll meet whose family, extended family, friends or acquaintances haven't been helped by RDA somewhere along the way, or they've stepped up to help as volunteers.

Our volunteers are our mainstay - without those who give their time, we wouldn't operate - simple. Our volunteers are involved in all aspects of RDA - feeding, caring, training our horses, helping with paperwork, cleaning, and of course leading and sidewalking with our riders.

Southland RDA runs on a shoestring. We run purely on the fees charged to our riders, fees from the use of our arena, and grants we apply for. If we don't get grants, then the amount we need to charge our riders increases. This isn't fair on the riders, as their families usually have extra costs involved in the care of the rider anyway.

For this reason, we come to you and ask, can you help? Maybe you can't help out with your time, but can you spare us some change? $3 buys us a pack of bikkies so our invaluable volunteers can have something for morning tea. $10 buys us a bale of hay for our horses. $30 buys our ponies a new halter. $120 buys us another riding helmet - you get the idea, every dollar counts, and even if you can give us $1, thats $1 we don't have to go looking elsewhere for.

So, what do you say, give us a hand?

Donate via Givealittle